Salter Style Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannulas

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

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The Salter Style Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannulas come with a curved, soft facepiece for patient comfort. Available in many length options.

  • Comfortable soft curved facepiece
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Low flow oxygen volumes up to 6 LPM
Brand: Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionSizeStyleTubing LengthEarpieceFlowO2 ConnectorQTY
1606-0-50Salter Style Oxygen Cannula (No Tubing)AdultStandardNAStandardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-13-50Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard13'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-16-50Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard16'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-10-50Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard10 'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-25-25Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard25'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet25
1600-4-50 Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard4'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-50-20Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard50'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet20
1600-7-50 Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard7'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-14-50Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard14'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50
1600-1-50Salter Style Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard1'Standardup to 6 LPMTrumpet50