Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Oral and nasal use
• Clear, flexible PVC
• Smooth Murphy Eye for alternative ventilation port
• Economical
• Standard 15mm ISO connector included with each tube

Brand: SunMed®
1-7330-20Uncuffed ET Tube8 Fr2.0 mm2.9 mm145 mm10
1-7330-25Uncuffed ET Tube10 Fr2.5 mm3.5 mm150 mm10
1-7330-30Uncuffed ET Tube12 Fr3.0 mm4.2 mm165 mm10
1-7330-35Uncuffed ET Tube14 Fr3.5 mm4.9 mm185 mm10
1-7330-40Uncuffed ET Tube16 Fr4.0 mm5.5 mm210 mm10
1-7330-45Uncuffed ET Tube18 Fr4.5 mm6.2 mm225 mm10
1-7330-50Uncuffed ET Tube20 Fr5.0 mm6.9 mm245 mm10
1-7330-55Uncuffed ET Tube22 Fr5.5 mm7.5 mm275 mm10
1-7330-60Uncuffed ET Tube24 Fr6.0 mm8.2 mm285 mm10
1-7330-65Uncuffed ET Tube26 Fr6.5 mm8.8 mm295 mm10
1-7330-70Uncuffed ET Tube28 Fr7.0 mm9.6 mm310 mm10