AirLife Secure™

Protect your Facility’s Supply Chain with AirLife Secure

AirLife is dedicated to providing the best possible service to all customers through product standardization and simplicity. We are pleased to make essential respiratory and anesthesia consumable products available to you through AirLife Secure.
When you partner with the reliability of AirLife Secure, your facility will be able to:
  • Avoid stock-outs and backorders
  • Reduce disruptions to patient care
  • Streamline your ordering
  • Access substitutes
  • Minimize reliance on custom products
  • Increase cost savings
With AirLife Secure, you’ll be able to confidently stock and maintain the essential products for your hospital or surgery center.
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Participating items are denoted with this icon: 

Participating Products

Endotracheal Tubes
Laryngeal Masks

Anesthesia Circuits
CO2 Absorbent
Breathing Bags

End Tidal Cannulas
Reflective Cannulas
Standard Cannulas
Gas Sampling
CO2 Masks

Ventilator Circuits
Pre-Filled Nebulizers
Water Products
HME + Filters
NIV Masks

Oxygen Delivery Cannulas
Valved Holding Chambers
Dry Bubble Humidifiers
Medication Nebulizers
Incentive Spirometers
Aerosol Masks
Oxygen Tubing

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Pressure Infusion Bags
Diagnostic Cardiology
ECG Cables + Leads

Manual Resuscitation
T-Piece Resuscitation
Transport Circuits
CO2 Indicators
PEEP Valves

Tracheostomy Care
Oral Care Kits
Closed Suction
Open Suction