Nasopharyngeal PVC Airways

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Smooth surface for easy insertion
• Beveled tip
• Standard 15 mm Fitting
• Packaged with large size and specification notation for accurate selection
• Sets are ideal for crash carts

Brand: SunMed®
1-5073-05PVC Airway Set: 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 FrVariousAll SizesAll Sizes5 Pack
1-5073-12Naso PVC Airway12 Fr3.0 mm4.0 mm10
1-5073-14Naso PVC Airway14 Fr3.5 mm4.7 mm10
1-5073-16Naso PVC Airway16 Fr4.0 mm5.3 mm10
1-5073-18Naso PVC Airway18 Fr4.5 mm6.0 mm10
1-5073-20Naso PVC Airway20 Fr5.0 mm6.7 mm10
1-5073-22Naso PVC Airway22 Fr5.5 mm7.3 mm10
1-5073-24Naso PVC Airway24 Fr6.0 mm8.0 mm10
1-5073-26Naso PVC Airway26 Fr6.5 mm8.7 mm10
1-5073-28Naso PVC Airway28 Fr7.0 mm9.3 mm10
1-5073-30Naso PVC Airway30 Fr7.5 mm10.0 mm10
1-5073-32Naso PVC Airway32 Fr8.0 mm10.7 mm10
1-5073-34Naso PVC Airway34 Fr8.5 mm11.3 mm10
1-5073-36Naso PVC Airway36 Fr9.0 mm12.0 mm10