Neonatal, Infant, Pediatric Anesthesia Circuits and Kits

Latex Free

This Item is Part of AirLife Secure!

  • Designed and tested to ensure peak performance and accurate readings
  • Designed for minimal dead space
  • Various lengths and configurations including mask, filters, heat moisture exchanger, gas sampling line, and breathing bags for all clinical requirements
  • ISO standard 22 mm machine-end cuff connections
  • 100% Leak tested
  • Configurations with face masks, filters, heat moisture exchanger with filter (HMEFs) and gas sampling lines
  • Brand: AirLife™
    1552017 Circuit with 10mm Hose, 0.5L BagNeonatal60"20
    1552018 Circuit with 10mm Hose, 0.5L BagNeonatal120"20