Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tubes

Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Obturator and tube clearly marked
• 15mm Connector swivel adapter
• Soft PVC
• Secure neck band retainer
• Cushion neck band comfortable for patient
• Radiopaque strip embedded for exact location of tube

Brand: SunMed®
1-7390-30Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube12 Fr3.0 mm56.5 mm10
1-7390-35Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube14 Fr3.5 mm56.5 mm10
1-7390-40Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube16 Fr4.0 mm56.5 mm10
1-7390-45Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube18 Fr4.5 mm56.5 mm10
1-7390-50Uncuffed Tracheostomy Tube20 Fr5.0 mm62 mm10