NebuTech® Nebulizers for Acute Care

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

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  • Disposable filter set or reusable filter set with replacement filter pads
  • Easy to mount to exhalation valve
  • Reduces exposure to aerosolized medications
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
Brand: NebuTech®, Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionTubing LengthMask TypeQTY
8960-7-50 NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece7'Universal Mask Adapter50
8960TG-7-50 NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Thread Grip7'Universal Mask Adapter50
8960-14-50NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece14'Universal Mask Adapter50
8967-7-50NebuTech Nebulizer7'Valved Pediatric Mask50
8980-0-10Exhalation Filter for NebuTechNANA10
8980-0-25Exhalation Filter for NebuTechNANA25
8982-7-50NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece7'NA50
8982TG-7-50NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Thread Grip, Filter7'NA50
8984-7-50NebuTech Nebulizer, Mouthpiece7'Adult Aerosol Mask50
8987-7-50NebuTech Nebulizer7'Adult VADS Aerosol Mask50