NeoCheck™ Vinyl Double Tube Cuffs

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

NeoCheck™ cuffs provide an optimum balance in disposable cuffs: economical value consistent performance and patient comfort
• Featuring a choice in soft fabric material or an ultra flexible and soft vinyl material these cuffs conform to the tiniest of patients and are designed to last throughout an entire patient stay
• Disposable; eliminates costly disinfection procedures and contamination concerns
• Increase infection control with single patient use cuffs
• Available in soft white fabric material or flexible white vinyl material
• Meets AAMI and AHA Cuff Sizing Recommendations
• Color-coded printing on each cuff makes it easy to identify cuff size
• Designed to replace costly OEM cuffs sold by monitor manufacturers

Brand: Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionCuff SizeColorLimb Circ.Connector TypeQTY
ZNCV4502L-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#1Orange3-6 cmMale Slip Luer10
ZNCV4502MQF-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#1Orange3-6 cmFemale Twist Lock10
ZNCV4502MQMF-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#1Orange3-6 cmMale/Female Twist Lock10
ZNCV4602L-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#2Light Blue4-8 cmMale Slip Luer10
ZNCV4702L-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#3Green6-11 cmMale Slip Luer10
ZNCV4802D-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#4Dark Blue7-13 cmScrew Type10
ZNCV4802L-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#4Dark Blue7-13 cmMale Slip Luer10
ZNCV4902L-10NeoCheck Vinyl Double Tube BP Cuff#5Red8-15 cmMale Slip Luer10