InfuseIT® Pressure Infusors

Latex Free
  • Designed to be easy to use with fast inflation
  • Highly visible pressure gauge provides easy-to-read 360-degree window which can be read from a distance
  • Automatic relief when pressure exceeds maximum level
  • Clear sleeve around bag provides a visible window to monitor fluids being pressurized
  • IV fluid bag hook is durable and easy to hang
  • Durable material does not rip or tear
  • Enclosed valve helps eliminate the risk of fluids being trapped and hidden
  • Disposable InfuseIT models features either a stopcock valve or a thumbwheel valve for bulb
  • Reusable InfuseIT models constructed of nylon for extended use
Brand: InfuseIT®, Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionDisposable / ReusableVolumeValve TypeQTY
ZIT-520-5InfuseIT Pressure InfusorReusable500 mLStopcock5
ZIT-500-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable500 mLStopcock10
ZIT-502-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable500 mLThumbwheel10
ZIT-1020-5InfuseIT Pressure InfusorReusable1000 mLStopcock5
ZIT-1000-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable1000 mLStopcock10
ZIT-1002-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable1000 mLThumbwheel10
ZIT-3000-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable3000 mLStopcock10
ZIT-3002-10InfuseIT Pressure InfusorDisposable3000 mLThumbwheel10