Hybrid® CPAP Mask System

  • Compact, versatile and comfortable
  • Best of a nasal-pillow and full-face mask in one design for mouth breathers
  • No pressure points on the nasal bridge or forehead
  • Fine-tuned fit: 18 possible configurations by changing cushion size, pillow size and pillow height
  • Full-face CPAP without covering the nose to minimize claustrophobia and eliminate air leaks near the eyes
  • Compact design: the mask remains outside of the patient’s field of view
  • Chin flap gently supports the chin and encourages a closed mouth
  • Customizable nasal pillows: three sizes with tall and short height adjustment
  • Double-membrane cushion for gentler fit on the face in three sizes for easy customization
Brand: Hybrid®, Salter Labs®
HVB500Hybrid CPAP All Sizes KitAll Sizes1
HYB513Replacement Cushions for Hybrid CPAP Mask SystemMedium1
HYB515Replacement Cushions for Hybrid CPAP Mask SystemLarge1
HYB521Replacement Pillow/Cannula for Hybrid CPAP Mask SystemSmall1
HYB525Replacement Pillow/Cannula for Hybrid CPAP Mask SystemLarge1
HYB530Headgear for Hybrid CPAP Mask SystemNA1