Aspen® CPAP Mask System

  • Compact, quiet, lightweight and affordable
  • Economical full-face mask
  • Gentler to the forehead with SoftTouch wrap
  • Quiet venting
  • Chin flap gently supports the chin and encourages a closed mouth
  • Available in all-sizes kit of individual-size systems
  • Forehead support can be adjusted vertically to three different heights
  • Cushion inflates to improve sealing and reduce leaks
Brand: Aspen®, Salter Labs®
ASP200Aspen CPAP All Sizes KitAll Sizes1
ASP201Aspen CPAP Mask SystemSmall1
ASP203Aspen CPAP Mask SystemMedium1
ASP205Aspen CPAP Mask SystemLarge1
ASP211Replacement Cushions for Aspen CPAP Mask SystemSmall1
ASP213Replacement Cushions for Aspen CPAP Mask SystemMedium1
ASP215Replacement Cushions for Aspen CPAP Mask SystemLarge1
ASP230Headgear for Aspen CPAP Mask SystemNA1