Aloha® CPAP Mask System

  • Comfortable, lightweight design that seals and stays put
  • One nasal pillow suitable for any patient, even active sleepers
  • Small and light for a better experience in any sleep position
  • Adjustable on three dimensions for a better seal — easier for patients to be compliant to a nasal mask
  • Acred-Track™ inserts allow the pillow angle to be adjusted for the best possible seal
  • Ball-and-socket elbow automatically adjusts during sleep
Brand: Aloha®, Salter Labs®
ALO130Headgear for Aloha CPAP Mask SystemNA1
ALO100Aloha CPAP All-Sizes KitAll Sizes1
ALO131Aloha CPAP Mask SystemSmall1
ALO133Aloha CPAP Mask SystemMedium1
ALO135Aloha CPAP Mask SystemLarge1
ALO121Replacement Pillow/Cannula for Aloha CPAP Mask SystemSmall1
ALO123Replacement Pillow/Cannula for Aloha CPAP Mask SystemMedium1
ALO100VReplacement Pillow/Cannula for Aloha CPAP Mask SystemLarge1