VixOne™ Nebulizer with Aerosol Mask

Latex Free

• Variety of masks in adult and pediatric sizes
• Super Spike cartoon-like feature calms children when taking an aerosol treatment

Brand: VixOne™, Westmed™
0309VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, Threaded NutAdult7'50
0313VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, Threaded NutSuper Spike7'50
0319VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, Threaded NutPediatric7'50
0310VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, TubingAdult7'50
0311VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, TubingPediatric7'50
0312VixOne Nebulizer, Mask, TubingSuper Spike7'50