Uni-Lim™ and Pedi-Lim™ Single Limb Coaxial Anesthesia Circuit

Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Streamlined tube-within-a-tube design which eliminates twisting between the inspiratory and expiratory limb
• Provides natural heat and moisture conservation properties to that of a standard circle circuit

Brand: Westmed™
9432Uni-Lim CircuitAdult96"Single LimbMaxi HMEF20
6754Pedi-Lim Circuit, 2 L Bag, (2) BV Filters, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSLPediatric60"Single LimbBV20
8041Uni-Lim Circuit, 2 L BagAdult72"Single LimbBV20
9061Uni-Lim Circuit, (2) BV Filters, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSLAdult60"Single LimbBV20