Under-the-Chin Oxygen Face Masks

Latex Free

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Under-the-Chin Oxygen Face Masks are designed for anatomical compatibility. Made of soft high-grade vinyl.

  • Under the chin design
  • Smooth, feathered edges for patient comfort while reducing irritation points
  • Designed for anatomical compatibility
  • 3-in-1 Option is a non-rebreathing mask with a reservoir bag and one-way valve
  • Made of soft high-grade vinyl
Brand: AirLife™
001211U High Concentration Mask, Non-Rebreather with Safety VentAdult7'50
001262U Medium Concentration Mask with U/Connect-It TubingPediatric7'50
001201 Medium Concentration MaskAdult7'50
001361 Medium Concentration Mask with U/Connect-It TubingAdult7'50
001362 High Concentration 3-in-1 Mask with Safety VentAdult7'50