Strapette™ with Tube Tackles

Latex Free

• Adhesive free and protects infant from skin damage
• Standard head band is easy to apply
• Tube tackles accommodate CPAP tubing
• High flow tubing
• Oxygen tubing
• Feeding tubes

Brand: Strapette™, Westmed™
CP-0200Tube Tackles for High Flow CannulasNeonate40
CP-0400Tube Tackles for 10 mm CPAP TubingNeonate40
CP-4204Strapette with Tube Tackles for Hi-Flo CannulasNeonate40
CP-4404Strapette with Tube Tackles for CPAPNeonate40
CP-4220Strapette with Tube Tackles for Hi-Flo CannulasPediatric40
CP-4420Strapette with Tube Tackles for CPAPPediatric40