MiniHEART-LoFlo® Continuous Nebulizer

Latex Free

• Over 3 hours of nebulization at 2L/min
• 30 mL reservoir
• IV drip port
• Ideal for patients on a ventilator

Brand: Lap-Kit®, MiniHEART™-LoFlo®
100623MiniHEART Lo-Flo Nebulizer with Adult Valve T7'25
100611MiniHEART Lo-Flo Continuous Nebulizer, IV PortNA25
100611AMiniHEART Lo-Flo Nebulizer with Tubing, IV Drip Port, Flex Hose, Threaded Nut7'25
100611BMiniHEART Lo-Flo NebulizerNA25
100611CMiniHEART Lo-Flo Nebulizer with Tubing, Neonatal Valve T7'25