Manual Resuscitation Training Kit

  • Training Kit includes a model that represents: A) the lung, B) the stomach, C) the esophageal sphincter, and D) the airway
  • Resuscitation bag attaches to the VT1000 and allows ventilation of the model (pressures kept below 20 cm H2O maintain all air passing through bag goes to the lung and only lung expansion will occur)
  • Delivered pressures exceeding 20 cm H2O cause air to inflate stomach model representing gastric insufflations (can likely lead to vomiting aspiration and potentially pneumonia)
  • Esophageal sphincter prevents airflow entering stomach model when delivered pressures are < 20 cm H2O
  • Integrated pressure manometer displays pressure level/delivery


NOTE: The VT1000 manual resuscitation training kit and individual components are NOT intended for patient use; it is strictly a demonstration device and practice tool.

Brand: Ventlab™
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