BagEasy® Manual Resuscitator

Latex Free
  • Compact, fully assembled resuscitator that is ready to use with addition of an inflatable mask (unless noted no valve)
  • Variety of configurations with mask, PEEP valve and CO2 indicator
  • User-friendly PEEP valve functions in any position
  • Up-front placement of oxygen reservoir allows caregiver to visually monitor oxygen flow
  • Oxygen reservoir bleed vents minimize inadvertent PEEP
  • Duckbill valve and housing designs keep vomitus contained to small area
  • Flexible tube neck design and dual swivel allows caregiver to switch positions easily and potentially increases patient comfort with reduced torque and pressure on airway
  • Exhalation port directs expiratory breath away from caregiver
  • Oxygen tubing includes highly visible red connector; 10′ standard tubing length (unless noted as 14′)


Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag to meet your unique patient needs. Choose from an integrated pressure manometer, face masks, Pop-Off valve, PEEP valve and CO2 indicator. Contact SunMed to learn more.

Brand: BagEasy®, Westmed™
562190BagEasy Manual Resuscitator, Manometer, Infant Mask, 40 cm H2O Pop-Off, PEEP ValveInfant12
562048DMBagEasy Manual Resuscitator, Manometer, Large Adult Mask, PEEP ValveAdult6
562048BagEasy Manual Resuscitator, Large Adult Mask, PEEP ValveAdult6