EtCO2 End Tidal Gas Sampling Lines

Latex Free

• Available in various lengths and tubing connections
• Co-extruded options
• Sampling line with swivel elbow option
• 0.8 Micron hydrophobic filter option

Brand: Westmed™
ItemDescriptionEtCO2 ConnectorEtCO2 LengthID x ODQTY
0514EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line2 Male Luers8'0.040" x 0.108"50
0533EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line2 Male Luers15'0.050" x 0.108"50
0516EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line, Co-Extruded2 Male Luers10'0.047" x 0.108"50
0535EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line, Swivel Elbow2 Male Luers10'0.050" x 0.108"50
0512EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line2 Male Luers10'0.050" x 0.108"50
0522EtCO2 Gas Sampling Line, 0.8 micron FilterMale/Female Luer10'0.050" x 0.108"50