Flex-Tip® Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes with Preloaded Stylet

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Preassembled for faster setup and audit compliance
• Centered flexible Flex-Tip glides down the airway by flexing when it encounters airway structures
• Tightly hugs fiberoptic scopes and introducers to eliminate gaps
• Flex-Tips are clinically proven to have faster intubations with higher first pass success rates

Brand: Flex-Tip®, Salter Labs®
H-PFST-40-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet4.0 mm10
H-PFST-45-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet4.5 mm10
H-PFST-50-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet5.0 mm10
H-PFST-55-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet5.5 mm10
H-PFST-60-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet6.0 mm10
H-PFST-65-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet6.5 mm10
H-PFST-70-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet7.0 mm10
H-PFST-75-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet7.5 mm10
H-PFST-80-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet8.0 mm10
H-PFST-85-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet8.5 mm10
H-PFST-90-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet9.0 mm10
H-PFST-95-10Cuffed ET Tube with Stylet9.5 mm10