Dual Lumen Robertshaw (Right) Endobronchial Tubes

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Color coded clear (tracheal) and blue (bronchial) for easy differentiation of appropriate lumen pilot balloon and cuff
• Soft PVC
• High volume, low pressure cuff
• Radiopaque strip
• Graduated depth marks
• Suction catheter included
• Bronchial stylette included
• 15 mm Y-connector included with each tube

Brand: SunMed®
1-7371-35Robertshaw Endobronchial Right35 Fr1
1-7371-37Robertshaw Endobronchial Right37 Fr1
1-7371-39Robertshaw Endobronchial Right39 Fr1
1-7371-41Robertshaw Endobronchial Right41 Fr1