CapnoFlex™ LoFlo Supplies 7′ Tubing

Latex Free

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  • ETCO2 sampling cannulas with proprietary design for use exclusively with the CapnoFlex module utilized with the GE Dash 3000/4000/5000™ and CareScape One patient monitors
  • Variety of styles for all patients, in both nasal and oral/nasal designs with or without oxygen delivery
  • Nafion sampling lines available for extended usage for patients that are receiving high humidity
  • Available in infant, pediatric and adult sizes
Brand: AirLife™
2013069-002VY Sample Line with Nafion Male LuerNA10
2013069-001VY Sample Line Male LuerNA10
2013068-004Airway Adapter with Nafion, ET < 4.0 mmInfant/Neonate10
2013068-001Airway Adapter, ET> 4.0 mmAdult/Pediatric10
2013068-002Airway Adapter, ET < 4.0 mmInfant/Neonate10
2013068-003Airway Adapter with Nafion, ET> 4.0 mmAdult/Pediatric10
2013067-003 CO2/O2 Oral-Nasal CannulaAdult10
2067767-009 CO2/O2 Oral-Nasal Cannula with Nafion Adult10
2067767-001CO2 Nasal Cannula with NafionAdult10
2013066-004 CO2/O2 Oral-Nasal CannulaAdult10
2067767-004 CO2/O2 Oral-Nasal Cannula with NafionAdult10
2013067-001VYCO2 Oral-Nasal CannulaAdult10
2013066-001VYCO2 Nasal CannulaAdult10
2013067-004CO2/O2 Oral-Nasal CannulaPediatric10
2013067-002VYCO2 Oral-Nasal CannulaPediatric10
2067767-005CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula with NafionPediatric10
2013066-005CO2/O2 Nasal CannulaPediatric10
2013066-002VYCO2 Nasal Cannula Pediatric10
2067767-002CO2 Nasal Cannula with NafionPediatric10
2067767-006CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula with Nafion Infant10
2013066-007CO2/O2 Nasal CannulaInfant10
2013066-003VYCO2 Nasal CannulaInfant10