BreatheRite™ Collapsible Valved Holding Chamber

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Anti-static chamber enables effective medication delivery
• Designed to promote greater drug volume output
• Improper inspiratory rate is indicated by a soft vibrating sound
• Chamber design eliminates the need for a flow whistle
• Collapsible version makes it very portable
• Face mask (all detachable) options available; can be used with or without mask

Brand: BreatheRite™, Ventlab™
ItemDescriptionMask SizeMask TypeQTY
BR200BreatheRite Collapsible Valved Holding Chamber ONLYNANA20
BR210BreatheRite Collapsible Valved Holding ChamberAdultEconomy Spacer Mask20
BR220BreatheRite Collapsible Valved Holding ChamberPediatricEconomy Spacer Mask20
BR230BreatheRite Collapsible Valved Holding ChamberInfantEconomy Spacer Mask20