BALLARD™ Mini-Bal Sampling Catheter

Latex Free
Single Use
  • Safely samples a patient’s lower respiratory tract secretions, giving physicians the data they need to make an accurate lung infection diagnosis and prescribe targeted antibiotic treatment
  • Non-bronchoscopic BAL procedure leads to reduction in antibiotic use and healthcare costs
  • Proven to enable a more accurate diagnosis
  • Key design features, like the directional tip enable swift extraction of lower respiratory tract samples
  • Lower respiratory tract samples play a significant role in preventing false negatives and false positives, as seen seen in an estimated 23% of endotracheal aspirate cultures
  • Secretions from the distal airway can help identify infectious pathogens of the lung for a microbiologically confirmed diagnosis
143Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter13 Fr74.7 cm5
142Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter16 Fr53.3 cm5
140Mini-BAL Prep Pack with Specimen TrapNANA20