Air-Q3 Intubating Laryngeal Airway

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  • Provides exceptional ease of ETT placement when unexpected intubation is required
  • Helps deliver safety and confidence in airway management, no matter what airway challenges you face
  • Unique ET tube ramp and epiglottis elevator aid in fast, easy, and safe intubations.
  • ET tube ramp helps facilitate intubation and directs the endotracheal tube toward the laryngeal inlet
  • Built-up mask heel for improved seal
  • Color-coded connector for easy size identification
  • Removable tethered connector enables insertion of endotracheal tube through airway tube.
  • Soft medical grade silicone cuff
  • Anatomically curved, medical grade silicone airway tube with integrated bite block
Brand: Air-Q®, Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionSizeIdeal Body WeightMax. ETTMouth OpeningAir-Q Tube LengthInflation VolumeQTY
30005 Air-Q30< 2 kg3.0 mm5.0 mm6.0 cm0-0.5 mL10
30055 Air-Q30.52-4 kg3.5 mm8.0 mm7.0 cm0-0.5 mL10
30105 Air-Q31.04-7 kg4.5 mm11.0 mm9.0 cm0.5-1.0 mL10
30155 Air-Q31.57-17 kg5.0 mm14.0 mm11.0 cm1.0 mL10
30205 Air-Q3217-30 kg5.5 mm17.0 mm14.0 cm1.0-2.0 mL10
30305 Air-Q3330-60 kg7.0 mm20.0 mm16.0 cm2.0-3.0 mL10
30405 Air-Q3460-80 kg8.0 mm23.0 mm18.0 cm3.0-4.0 mL10
30505 Air-Q35> 80 kg9.0 mm25.0 mm20.0 cm4.0-5.0 mL10