EtCO2 End Tidal Sampling Nasal Cannulas (No O2 Delivery)

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

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  • Green Series STAT Capnography
  • Sample CO2 from both nares for effective capnography monitoring
  • Available in multiple of configurations for Luer style monitors
  • Brand: Salter Labs®
    ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceEtCO2 LengthEtCO2 ConnectorQTY
    4007-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultNasal7'Male Luer25
    4200F-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaInfantNasal7'Female Luer25
    4108-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaPediatricNasal2'Male Luer25
    4100-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaPediatricNasal7'Male Luer25
    4101-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaPediatricOral/Nasal7'Male Luer25
    4008-2-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultNasal2'Male Luer25
    4000F-2-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultNasal2'Female Luer25
    4000-7-25 EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultNasal7'Male Luer25
    4000F-7-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultNasal7'Female Luer25
    4801-2-25EtCO2 Sampling CannulaAdultOral/Nasal2'Male Luer25