Adult Oxygen Demand Nasal Cannulas

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• Specifically designed for dual port oxygen conservation delivery systems in a full range of sizes and flow rates up to 6 LPM
• Help conserve O2 while giving patients the Salter Style comfort they have enjoyed for decades

Brand: Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionTubing LengthQTY
4801-2-25-2Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula4'25
4804-4-4-25Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula4'25
4804-4-4-300Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula4'300
4805TLC-5-5-10Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula5'10
4807-7-7-25Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula7'25
4807-7-7-300Adult Oxygen Demand Cannula7'300