A-Line 1cc Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)

Latex Free

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  • Non-vented, aspirating ABG
  • Balance Lithium/Zinc Heparin formulation has virtually no impact on blood gas and electrolyte measurements
  • ISO color coding for quick, accurate indication of needle size
Brand: Westmed™
ItemDescriptionVentedHeparin UnitsLuer TypeNeedleQTY
3100-20A-Line 1cc ABG with 3cc Waste SyringeNo25 Lithium ZincLuer SlipNA100
3100-25 A-Line 1cc ABG with White Luer CapNo25 Lithium ZincLuer SlipNA100
3100-28A-Line 1cc ABG with Black Luer CapNo25 Lithium ZincLuer SlipNA100
3100-30A-Line 1cc ABGNo25 Lithium ZincLuer LockBlunt100
3101A-Line 1cc ABGNo25 Lithium ZincLuer LockNA100