VixOne™ Nebulizers

Latex Free

• Nebulizes in upright positions or at angles up to 45 degrees
• Leak-proof and secure seal with 1/4 turn assembly design
• Anti-spill Tee design
• High medication bowl capacity 10cc

Brand: VixOne™
0200VixOne Multi Nebulizer Kit: 1-Full Neb Kit, 5 Extra Nebs25
0209VixOne Standard Nebulizer Kit, Threaded Nut50
0210VixOne Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Tee, 7' Tubing, 6" Flex Hose50
0210-14VixOne Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Tee, 14' Tubing, 6" Flex hose25
0214VixOne Nebulizer, Unassembled50
0217VixOne Nebulizer, Unassembled, Tee, 7' Tubing50
0218VixOne Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Tee50
0222VixOne Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, Tee, 7' KROT50