Nasal Cannulas with U/Connect-It™

This Item is Part of AirLife Secure!

  • Nasal cannulas featuring U/Connect-It™
  • Simplified, cost-effective solution to universally connect devices to an oxygen source, saving time, with less risk of cross-contamination
  • Eliminates the need for additional O2 adapters
  • Increases work flow efficiencies
  • Enhances infection prevention strategies
  • Cost-effective


Brand: AirLife™, U/Connect-It™
ItemDescriptionTubing LengthSizeQTY
002692 Cushion Nasal Cannula7'Pediatric50
001366 Standard Nasal Cannula with Non-Flared Tip7'Adult50
001326U Standard Nasal Cannula with Non-Flared Tip14'Adult50