Salter Style Soft Oxygen Nasal Cannulas

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use
  • Low oxygen flow up to 3 LPM and 6 LPM
  • Comfortable, soft curved prongs gently fit into nostrils without pressing on upper lip
  • Soft, pliable, stretchable tubing curves around cheeks and ears, lessening any pressure
  • Available in a variety of tubing lengths
Brand: Salter Labs®
ItemDescriptionSizeStyleTubing LengthEarpieceO2 ConnectorFlowQTY
16SOFT-PRE-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaPrematureStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-NEO-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaNeonateStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-INF-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaInfantStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-TOD-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaToddlerStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-PED-4-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaPediatricStandard4'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-PED-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaPediatricStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 3 LPM50
16SOFTTG-PED-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaPediatricStandard7'Soft EarsThread Gripup to 3 LPM50
16SOFT-0-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen Cannula, 2" ConnectorAdultStandardNASoft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-B-0-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandardNASoft EarsBarbedup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-1-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard1'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-2-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard2'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-4-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard4'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard7'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFTTG-7-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard7'Soft EarsThread Gripup to 6 LPM50
16SOFT-14-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard14'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM50
16SOFTTG-14-50Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard14'Soft EarsThread Gripup to 6 LPM50
16SOFTTG-25-25Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard25'Soft EarsThread Gripup to 6 LPM25
16SOFT-25-25Salter Style Soft Oxygen CannulaAdultStandard25'Soft EarsTrumpetup to 6 LPM25