High Flow Oxygen Nasal Cannulas with Humidifier

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

• High flow bubble humidifier
• 6-15 LPM
• Humidifier features 6 PSI (414 mbar) pressure relief valve
• Curved nares made of ultra-soft material for optimum patient comfort
• 3-channel tubing helps prevent kinking
• Green supply tubing standard
• Cannula features Fits-All Connector

Brand: Ventlab™
ItemDescriptionSizeStyleEarpieceTubing LengthO2 ConnectorQTY
6907High Flow Oxygen Cannula and HumidifierAdultHigh FlowStandard7'Fits-All10
6915High Flow Oxygen Cannula and HumidifierAdultHigh FlowStandard15'Fits-All10