EtCO2/O2 Piggyback End Tidal Sampling Nasal Cannulas

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The EtCO2/O2 Piggyback End Tidal Sampling Nasal Cannulas sample end-tidal and deliver oxygen from both nares. Options are available in a variety of lengths.

  • Standard Series Capnography Cannulas
  • Sample end tidal and deliver oxygen from both nares
  • For capnography monitors that require Luer-style connectors
  • Variety of tubing lengths available
  • Affordable capnography sampling option
Brand: Salter Labs®, SalterSTAT
ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceSalter EyesEtCO2 ConnectorO2 ConnectorEtCO2 LengthO2 LengthQTY
4102-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 Piggyback Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalNoMale LuerTrumpet7'7'25
4002-14-14-25EtCO2/O2 Piggyback Capnography CannulaAdultNasalNoMale LuerTrumpet14'14'25
4102F-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 Piggyback Capnography CannulaPediatricNasalNoFemale LuerTrumpet7'7'25
4002-7-7-25 EtCO2/O2 Piggyback Capnography CannulaAdultNasalNoMale LuerTrumpet7'7'25
4103F-7-7-25EtCO2/O2 Piggyback Capnography CannulaPediatricOral/NasalNoFemale LuerTrumpet7'7'25