Enflow™ Fluid and Blood Warming

Latex Free
  • Enables warmed blood or IV fluid delivery at the right time across all clinical areas
  • Helps provide both clinical and economic benefits for your hospital
  • Maintaining normothermia can help lessen complications and speed up recovery time
  • Easy to read
  • Self orienting display
  • Effective warming from KVO to 200mL/min
  • Cartridge can remain in-line during transport
  • Accompanies patients throughout the care continuum
Brand: AirLife™
98304VS30Insulated Warmer Strap 30
91000170Continental EU PowerCord 10" 1
91000172UK Power Cord 10'1
980305VSWarmer Holder 20
980200EUDisposable Parylene Coated Cartridge Without Extension 30
980202EUDisposable Parylene Coated Cartridge With 3" Extension 30