Dual Limb Anesthesia Circuit

Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

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The Dual Limb Anesthesia Circuit provides high-quality flexible tubing. It also features leak-resistant ISO connections.

  • High quality tubing with exceptional flexibility and drapability
  • ISO connections for secure leak resistant connections
  • Custom configurations are available to meet your needs
Brand: Westmed™
9623Expandable Anesthesia Circuit108"AdultBV2 Liter20
9239Expandable Anesthesia Circuit72"AdultBV3 Liter20
9665 Expandable Anesthesia Circuit96"AdultHMEF3 Liter20
7-8113-10-62-68Expandable Anesthesia Circuit96"AdultBV3 Liter20
8569Expandable Anesthesia Circuit96"PediatricBV1 Liter20
8661Expandable Anesthesia Circuit, (2) BV Filters, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSL96"AdultBV3 Liter20
9063Expandable Anesthesia Circuit, (2) BV  Filters, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSL120"AdultBV2 Liter20
9129Expandable Anesthesia Circuit, Textured 2 L Bag, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSL,108"96"AdultHMEF2 Liter20
9196Expandable Anesthesia Circuit109"PediatricBVNA20
9203Expandable Anesthesia Circuit144"AdultNANA20
9342Expandable Anesthesia Circuit96"AdultBV2 Liter20
9599Expandable Anesthesia Circuit, Large 7700 Mask, 2 L Bag, 10' x 0.050" M/M GSL, Swivel Elbow96"AdultHMEFNA20