Closed Suction Catheter and Airway

  • Designed to provide safe, simple access to a ventilated patient’s airway (Clinicians understand that disconnecting or “breaking” the ventilator circuit can lead to lung de-recruitment and hypoxemia, and can also create the potential for cross-contamination)
  • System features the Verso airway access adapter and its pucker-valve technology that seals the patient’s airway from the access port to maintain safe, continuous ventilation while the clinician performs airway access procedures
  • Verso adapter allows clinicians to perform closed suction catheter change-outs and various airway access procedures through a single port without disconnecting the circuit
  • Allows for numerous uses: closed suction, open suction, bronchoscopic procedures, Mini-BALs, and instilled drug delivery
  • Swivel option on the Verso adapter provides more flexibility when repositioning the patient
  • Surfactant delivery catheters can be connected without disconnecting the patient from the circuit


Brand: AirLife™
Call for Item Codes / CLSDSUCClosed Suction Catheter and Airway