CapnoVue® CO2 M1 Masks

Individual Packaging
Latex Free
Single Patient Multiple Use

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  • Capnography mask separates O2 and CO2 flows for procedures where higher FiO2 is desired
  • Effective sampling for mouth breathers and upper GI cases
  • Higher oxygen delivery for patients where more aggressive oxygenation is needed
  • Luer ports located at both expiratory ports separates CO2 from O2 for clean end tidal signals
Brand: CapnoVue®, Salter Labs®, SalterSTAT
ItemDescriptionSizeInterfaceO2 ConnectorO2 LengthQTY
4727-14-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskAdultFace MaskTrumpet14'50
4727TG-7-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskAdultFace MaskThread Grip7'50
4723TG-7-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskPediatricFace MaskThread Grip7'50
4721TG-7-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskInfantFace MaskThread Grip7'50
4727TG-14-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskAdultFace MaskThread Grip14'50
4723-7-0-50CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskPediatricFace MaskTrumpet7'50
4727-7-0-50 CapnoVue CO2 M1 MaskAdultFace MaskTrumpet7'50