A-Line / Pulset™ 3cc Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)

Latex Free
  • Vented syringe plunger helps eliminate pre-analytical errors (such as bubbles in the sample), unlike competitor product which requires a separate venting step
  • Non-vented aspirating A-line
  • Balance Lithium/Zinc Heparin formulation has virtually no impact on blood gas and electrolyte measurements
Brand: Pulset™, Westmed™
ItemDescriptionVentedHeparin UnitsLuer TypeNeedleQTY
3300-31A-Line/Pulset 3cc ABGYes25 Lithium ZincLuer LockSheathed100
3300-24A-Line/Pulset 3cc ABG with White Luer CapYes50 Lithium ZincLuer SlipNA100