Air-Q® sp3G Supraglottic Airway for EMS

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AirQ-3 sp3G

The AirLife Air-Q® sp3G Supraglottic Airway is especially suited for EMS and emergency departments, helping deliver safety and confidence in airway management.

  • Anatomical curve allows device to securely seat and maintain stability in the airway
  • Self-pressurizing mask enables communication with ventilation channel allowing for further inflation during active ventilation and relaxation during exhalation phase
  • Dual gastric access channels accommodates a suction device in one channel and ambient air access in second channel

Epiglottis Elevator Ideal for Emergency Situations

The Air-Q3 unique intubating laryngeal airway includes an epiglottis elevator and raised heel to optimize airway placement and seal. This helps to facilitate quick and successful intubation when it counts most.

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Features an extra wide gastric inlet access and two gastric channels that accommodate NG tubes up to 18 Fr. Also includes a self-pressurizing cuff that utilizes positive pressure ventilatory source.