HEINE visionPRO Video Laryngoscope

Latex Free

The HEINE visionPRO Video Laryngoscope delivers fast and reliable intubation with a clear view of the glottis. The high-resolution allBRIGHT display delivers true color and ensures excellent visibility even in the brightest ambient light. Can be paired with the HEINE single-use MAC 2, MAC 3, MAC 4, or HyMac 3 blades.

  • True MAC-curve blades help maintain direct laryngoscopy skillset
  • 225 (degree symbol) rotating high-resolution screen
  • Anodized aluminum grip head and display frame
  • Stainless steel handle and camera arm
  • Blades made from upcycled material prioritizing sustainability
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Features the HEINE FixLock System
  • Economical with robust, and durable design
  • Safe and hygienic
  • HyMac 3 blade features more pronounced curvature for more difficult intubation scenarios
Brand: HEINE
F-000.22.244Single-Use MAC 4 Blades10
F-000.22.254Single-Use MAC 4 blades50
F-000.22.253Single-Use MAC 3 Blades50
F-000.22.243Single-Use MAC 3 Blades10
F‐000.22.252Single-Use MAC 2 Blades50
F‐000.22.242Single-Use MAC 2 Blades10
F-000.22.256Single-Use HyMAC 3 Blades50
F-000.22.246Single-Use HyMAC 3 Blades10
X-002.99.214visionPRO CS1 Charging Station with Plug-in Power Supply1
F-159.00.000Carry Bag 1
F-008.22.360visionPRO Handle HR11
F-007.22.350visionPro Display Screen DS11
F-270.95.862visionPRO HR1 Mac Handle and visionPRO DS1 Display Unit, visionPRO CS1 Charging Station with Plug-in Power Supply1