ECG Recording Paper

  • Validated, original recording paper for GE Healthcare equipment
  • Comes in options for different systems including bright white, quality paper stock for excellent trace legibility
  • Comprehensive line for diagnostic cardiology, fetal monitoring, and ECG monitoring
  • Multiple versions of fetal charts are available with a variety of BPM scales
  • Features a warm red or green grid for superior trace readability
  • Diagnostic Cardiology Paper for GE CardioSoft CASE, MAC 5500 (HD), MAC 3500, MAC 2000, MAC 1200, MAC 800, MAC 600, MAC 500, MAC 400, and MAC i Systems
  • OB monitoring Paper for GE Corometrics Systems
  • ECG Monitoring Paper for GE CareScape B850, B650, B450; Procare B40, B30, B20; Dash 5000, 4000, 3000; S/5; Dinamap Pro 1000, 300; V100
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